Eduardo Blidner
Tango Argentino
Spirit of Buenos Aires
144 pages
21 x 22,5 cm
75 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-89479-837-6

24,95 EUR

The dance, music, and way of life of 'Tango' is inseparably interwoven with the culture of Buenos Aires - the city whose infamous waterfront it developed on over one hundred years ago. At first prohibited due to its alleged immorality, the tango grew to become an expression of a national feeling and further rose to fame for its distinctive melancholic form.
The photography of Eduardo Blidner captures dancers and musicians, couples and groups, interiors, facades, and street scenery, all of which embrace rather than attempt to conceal their staged nature. The artistic character of his images is indeed of a historic depth, shot at original spots in Buenos Aires where these old stories are still retained, ready to be rediscovered. His realistic photography reveals a symbolic power; his work is both artistic play and socio-historical report at once.
The photographs are accompanied by explanatory texts by the photographer, and the book's introduction is a short essay by the Argentinian philosopher Felix Aranguren.

Eduardo Blidner, born in 1959 in Buenos Aires, worked as a professional photographer over 20 years. Since 2000, his work has been represented in a multitude of international exhibitions. Eduardo Blidner was also published as a writer in Argentinian photography magazines. His work has received a great amount of international awards and honors. Eduardo Blidner died in 2015 in Buenos Aires.

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